Startup Friendly

For the new startups who need to make upsets of their own.


We make the series of investment and stick with Projects at each phase of their development.

Blockchain Experts

We are a Group of Experts in Blockchain platform, making advancements in it.

Our Features

Connecting Crypto clans, We have partnership with more than 10+ Communities with 50k + members

Community members

Funds Raised

Projects Funded

Why we are

To deliver and make advancement in Blockchain space

Our main goal is to speed up the advancement of a superior Blockchain space. We fabricate and uphold blockchain brainchild’s by utilizing our bits of knowledge, organization, and admittance to capital.

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Our Experts

Team with passion

Who we are

COIN TCS Ventures was founded in 2021 Community owned Ventures Capitals Backed by Experienced Persons in crypto Industry Since 2013. Our relationships and networks in the blockchain industry provide strategic momentum and incremental growth for a startup’s success. Our team and consultants specializing in cryptocurrencies have extensive start-up and technology experience, as well as many years of experience in blockchains.

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Our Portfolio

Empowering individuals, groups, and companies.

We are growing together strongly